i love the holiday ribbon this year..... Louis Vuitton


Is it the Monogramouflage mouse mat?! Louis Vuitton purses handbags

 Thanks for your input, I think I shouldn't fear the 35 and go with it.. now if the website would just restock! Louis Vuitton Drop Shipping 

oh yes azur is sooo pretty!!! I think the speedy 30 would be a good choice because you don't have a speedy yet!!! LV Top Handles

I love it now that it's popular with the people who purchase fakes. When it was first released there were just too many fakes. I plan on buying the Alma in White in the spring or summer of 2012. LV Belts

Lovely! Congratulations! Louis Vuitton bags


I think pocket size is perfect, since you're not planning to use as a daily agenda.As for canvas, i'm into color right now so wud go w vernis, but damier is always a good bet, in ebene, azur or graphite. Good luck! Louis Vuitton Monogram

 Congrats!! Enjoy your new beauty! Louis Vuitton Men .